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Thank God for DVR!

Hello Friends,
Quite the busy week. I got stuck about 5 eppies into season 3 of AMB. I have observers coming into my room on Monday and Tuesday, and it has me a bit stressed. They're just people from the Middle Schools, coming in to observe- to see what & how the kids are learning. Our districts middle schools are having serious problems meeting AYP.

I'm so grateful for DVR!! I'm still recording about 6 shows, but I'm weeks behind! It doesn't help that I've started watching all of this TV on DVD- LOL. I need a few days to just sit and watch TV. Is summer here yet?

Just Wondering

Hello F-list, I know it has been a million years since I've been around.
I've been keeping myself busy- as I assume all of you have!
I'm currently going back through and watching all 5 seasons of Ally McBeal. I remember seeing a few episodes when it was on TV, but that was right around the time my daughter was born (she's 10- OMG!!), and I just didn't have time to follow any show too closely (except of course GG which was my obsession from 2000-07!).
Anyway... I just watched "The Boy Next Door", and I found myself in tears!!
I was just wondering if any of you watched the show when it was on the air. Was there a big following for Ally/ Billy? I know Billy became a real ass, but I just kept thinking his character would be redeemed?!?
I'm finding I really like watching TV on DVD, b/c I don't have all the wait time and hiatuses (?word?) to get all worked up. I can just move on to the next episode and see what it happened.
I suppose after 7 years of Gilmore Girls and 3 years of Bones, I'm just not ready to invest in any show too deeply right now.
If you have any good recs for TV on DVD, let me know. I prefer series that are off the air.
Hope you all had a great holiday season, and that 2010 is treating you well!!
Book Lover

Just Readin'

Hey Y'all~
Fall is officially here in the Midwest. We had to crank the heater on b/c it's dropping into the 30s (F) at night. I'm 8 weeks in to school... just 32 weeks to go... YaY!!  LOL

So... I'm just wondering if anyone on my F-list has read the Janet Evanovich- Stephanie Plum books?
I just finished the latest one "Finger Lickin' Fifteen. I've followed this series for a while. I got hooked when 5 came out. I have to admit that I am a HUGE Ranger girl!! Reading this latest installment, I still found myself Laughing Out Loud... but frankly I'm feeling like it's time for Ms. Evanovich to STOP THE MADDNESS! This chick has been bouncing back and forth b/w these two incredible HOT guys for 15 books now. In this episode she's sleeping in one of their beds for a full week, and NOT givin the guy any lovin'. WTF. This is a chick who can't resist a pastry to save her life... how does she resist a HOT guy ( a guy she describes to us as irresistable) - who by the way is MAD about her- for that long? 
It sort of reminded me of the B/B saga. I guess this is finally what drove me away from that show.
I am by NO stretch of the imagination an "instant gratification" kind of girl. FOR CRIMMANY SAKE- me and hubby dated for 6 years before getting married. I guess I just don't get this chick!  I called my BFF, who got me hooked on the story, and told her I was reading another one until the chick had made up her damn mind!!

Well... it's almost crunch time. I'm getting ready for Parent/ Teacher conferences in 2 weeks. You all KNOW how much I love those! :- /
(refer to post of 3/25/09!)

I hope you all are having a FABULOUS FALL!! 




Hey F-list ~
Long time no post. Sorry!! I can't say that I had a very good reason... I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this summer! I did read a bunch of cheesie (love it!!) romance novels, and finally made it most of the way through Anna Karenina (skimmed parts :-/ ). Mostly I just goofed off with the kids!
Summer is over though, and it's back to work for me. I've got a smaller class this year- YES!
I'm DVRing about 7 shows this season, but I'm most excited about Fringe and NCIS. I've watched NCIS off and on for years, but I caught the season finale and I'm very excited about this season. I caught up on all 6 seasons over the summer. This show just seems to get better!
Premieres so far:
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Of Course, I'm going to have to let some of these shows go once I figure out which ones are the most worth following. Otherwise... I wouldn't do anything but work and watch TV- LOL  
Dark Side


Hmmm... It's surprising, but I actually have to say that I liked it! Maybe it's because I'm no longer invested in this show like I was... maybe it's because I'm not upset that the sex wasn't "REAL" (It's what I expected from Hart as I no longer TRUST him!)... maybe it's because I didn't even try to take it seriously? I really don't know!
Some random thoughts/ highlights:

1) I really enjoyed Cam as the hard ass cop! She fit this role so well!
2) There were SO many great one-liners! You just couldn't help but laugh through this thing!
3) Max as a mobster named Gravedigger... PURE GENIUS! I love bad Max! Especially Bad Max & Booth Man of Integrity working together!
4) I actually thought this was the closest Bren / Brennan has been to the more evolved Brennan of S2/ S3 that we've seen all season. She doesn't want people to see her as a "cold fish". She doesn't want her emotional handicaps to impede her interpersonal relationships. This was the person I thought she'd evolved to, not the person who wants Seeley's sperm and refuses to acknowledge the implications of that! 
5) I heard someone theorize that the Jared/ Brennan thing was a sign that that relationship wasn't over.... I don't know?! I would rather look at it as an apology from Hart and company that they ever even hinted at the fact that Brennan would chose "Booth Lite" over the "Actual Booth"!  
6) Finally... I totally understand why the fangirls are choosing to see this as a win! Whether this is Booth's anaesthesia induced coma or Brennan' writing, the reality is that the final words of the eppie did indeed come from Brennan, and there is simply no denying that this is a forward movement for Brennan! "When you love someone, you open yourself up to suffering.... That's the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on our backs. But, they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens that allow us to fly." These words came from Brennan's mind. Her heart. Hart can't just ignore them or take them back without some serious backlash, and I think even he is smart enough to know that!  

Now... do I trust Hart & Co. to handle the amnesia thing well? HELL NO! And... whose idea was this hack-kneed cliche' anyway? All the people who say this made a crap Season Finale are Dead On! The final 3 minutes do not a cliff-hanger make. Especially when we all know that Booth has to get his memory back. It's an obvious contrivance to keep this couple apart.
I personally think that Hart should have ended with CitC. Then, he could have handeled the fallout from Booth's surgery in about a million better ways. Just because Brennan finally has some sort of realization about her feelings doesn't mean she needs to act on them or that this couple has to get together. The amnesia could have been introduced in the Season Premiere (without the dream sequence) and Brennan could have spent half of next season taking the journey of their partnership/ relationship together with Booth in order to help him. What better way for her to work through her own feelings than to help Booth remember his?  

Who knows what will happen between now and Sept. The critics fall out on this episode may serve as a better persuader to Hart than the fans anger or criticism. I get the feeling that Hart often thinks he knows "better" than the fans. Let's see if he thinks he knows better than the critics. You have to know that the Execs at FOX have now had to stand up and notice! And, while they just renewed the show for 2 seasons, we all know that doesn't really guarentee anything! That negotiation started well before any of this fallout happened. I have a feeling they'll keep a tighter reign on this show next season! 

I personally think I'll remain a casual observer. I find that I am much happier that way! :-)  

Bones ~ My Thoughts

OK... I finally sat down to watch the last two Bones episodes of the season. Keep in mind that I gave up on the show after 4.8: CMitML, and I haven't watched a single episode since with the exception of 4.12:FitI. I had heard that they were going to deal a bit with Booth's past in that episode, and that's a topic I've always been exceedingly interested in! It was one of the few areas the writers fell short in during S1 & S2 IMO, though I understood b/c they were busy developing the dynamic of the partnership and the team. Of course with S4 writers taking on the topic, I walked away from FitI completely dissatisfied with the exception of it spawning my one-shot fan fic pairing Booth & Agent Perotta :-/

So... my thoughts on 4.24: The Critic in the Cabernet - I thought the whole "Brennan wants a baby thing" was way too Season One Brennan! They completely discounted any and all emotional development we saw in this character from The Boy in the Bush on.
However... I can see why the fangirls LOVED this episode! I liked Sweets! He was back to doing what he was designed to do, which is deal with the B/B relationship. He poked and prodded and  "stirred the pudding" ! I really found myself enjoying the B/B back and forth again, which I hadn't really been able to do in a LONG time.
Booth in the hospital ~ OMG!!! This episode really hightlighted DB's acting ability! Especially the emotional range he has with just his eyes!! When he was lying in that bed and they were plugging things into him... he looked so much like a lost little 4 year old boy I found myself wanting to weep. Then... he finds HER... the one person you know he need- wants- is waiting for... AHHHHH. So Sweet! And, in an instant, there is the fear and regret and a million "What Ifs" written across his face.
Man- That man can act!
(I just wish Hart wouldn't listen to him about storyline or character development!!!)

All in all I give this episode 1 1/2 thumbs up (out of 2). With the exception of the Stewie part, I didn't find myself wanting to scream and rant at the TV, and only mildly disappointed in Brennan. That's really quite an improvement from where I was at with this show!

And now I go to watch The End in the Beginning . Unfortunately I have been spoiled for the episode, so I know what is coming. Plus, my big brother, whom I finally convinced to start watching the show right when I quit, called me 25 minutes into it to rant about how stupid it was, and cursed me for getting him interested. He then called me after the episode was over to tell me it was some of the "worse TV he's ever watched". I don't find this discouraging however! He and I have very different taste in movies, books, art... etc. We have just started comparing TV watching, and while we do watch some of the same shows (Like In Plain Sight, Eureka, and Dexter) we watch for VERY different reasons!

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OMG Cristina


OMFG... Grey's is SOOOO F'n GOOD right now!!
When Shonda is on.... SHE IS ON!!!

"Take care now"!! = LOVE!!! 
I don't think I've been this giddy since the "vent" scene! Not even the actual sex made me this happy!!

And Izzie... ahhhhhh... I've definitely decide to root for her to live!